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Case Studies


Why Navigant Biotechnologies Trusts MDS Pharma Services with Key Tests for Breakthrough Blood Safety System
“It’s the sense of quality one gets when working with MDS Pharma Services—the complete confidence in their data,” said Shawn Keil, laboratory scientist and supervisor of microbiology and virology at Navigant Biotechnologies.

Dr. Peter Chiu on Fast, Reliable, Early Screening for Potentially Arrhythmia- Causing HERG Inhibitors
When MDS Pharma Services recruited Dr. Peter Chiu, the company put itself in an excellent position to address the compound screening aspects of one of today’s most urgent issues in cardiovascular safety pharmacology – drug-induced prolongation of the QT interval, which may contribute to cardiac arrhythmias (i.e., lack of rhythmic contractions of the heart) and death. Dr. Chiu spent 25 years in prominent positions at Schering-Plough, where – among many things – he conducted original, award-winning research in cardiovascular pharmacology.

Intelligent Recruitment Strategies for More On-time Studies
Formidable challenges faced this safety and efficacy trial. In fact, many experts considered it impossible to run. The requirement of three endoscopies per patient, coupled with a placebo arm, made this an unattractive study to patients.

Smart Support around the Clock from MDS Pharma Services
The study drug is an enzyme inhibitor used intravenously to treat a life-threatening blood disorder. The disorder is characterized by long latent periods interspersed with acute attacks of symptoms ranging from severe abdominal pain to paralysis and respiratory failure.

Smart Support – Strategies for Speed and Accuracy
This safety and efficacy trial of a combination regimen of antipsychotic drugs presented several challenges. Unique patient recruitment techniques were required to encourage enrollment. A high number of screen failures due to Hepatitis C caused investigator concern.

MDS Pharma Services’ expertise in DMPK metabolic stability and permeability studies
MDS Pharma Services’ expertise in DMPK metabolic stability and permeability studies delivers rapid testing of compounds to a not-for-profit company dedicated to better, faster treatments for tuberculosis. MDS Pharma Services’ client sought rapid, reproducible and reliable data to compare differing sets of compounds, robust analytical method development in flexible report formats, and coordination with various locations.

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