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ECG Devices

MDS Pharma Services offers you a variety of devices for use in your study dependent on your particular needs.

12-Lead ECG

The Cartouch Device
During the last five years, MDS Pharma Services has invested in developing the Cartouch device to support clinical studies. At the cutting edge of digital technology, the device is suitable for both Phase I/IIa and Phase IIb-IV studies enabling a consistent approach throughout the clinical development of a drug.

Features include:

  • User-friendly operation
  • Flexible ECG recording duration, 1000Hz conversion and 16 bits resolution
  • Storage for up to 50 12-lead ECG's prior to sending
  • Flexible printing solutions (on and off-site)
  • XML compatible
  • FDA approved
  • Multiple transmission options
  • Unique patient identifiers for fully automated file integration
  • Study-specific configuration files, including visit pick-list and custom demographic fields

GE MAC® 1200
The GE MAC 1200 is familiar to clinical study personnel and offers easy, immediate printing of the ECG trace with automated interpretation. It features a built-in keyboard for data entry and a large display screen to view the ECG trace during acquisition. When recording in complete, the ECG can be printed for immediate review. The flexibility and ease of use of the MAC 1200 combined with global, multilingual site support allows MDS Pharma Services staff to manage cardiovascular safety trials seamlessly around the world.

Holter Technology
The concept papers on QTc prolongation have indicated that continuous 12-lead acquisition might be valuable for detection of extreme QT/QTc interval events that occur infrequently during the day and asymptomatic arrhythmias. Recent digital Holter technologies closer to regular ECG acquisition show promise. Holter recording is of particular interest when multiple timepoints are required, particularly with regards to the selection of hysteresis-free segments and determination of individual QT/RR relationships.

ELA Medical Spiderview™
MDS Pharma Services has selected the ELA Medical Spiderview digital multiple-lead recorder as our 2 to 12-lead Holter solution. The Spiderview is compact and easy to use with a wide LCD display screen. Unique features include multiple-lead continuous recording for up to 96 hours, uncompressed and high resolution data modes and multichannel operation.

One-Lead Event Monitoring

Card Guard™ 2206
The Card Guard 2206 is a one-lead event recorder used to capture infrequent symptomatic episodes. The device can help to identify a transient cardiac arrhythmia that may otherwise prove difficult to document and diagnose. It can record six events of 32 seconds before the memory needs to be cleared. This hand-held, patient-operated device is useful for the diagnosis of arrhythmia and evaluation of the efficacy and safety of an antiarrhythmic drug.

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MDS Pharma Services Adopts Leading-Edge ECG Technology, September 2006

MDS Pharma Services Earns Mortara Certification, September 2006

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