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Centralized Cardiac Services

With MDS Pharma Services, your success is always our top priority.

MDS Pharma Services offers global expertise in Centralized Cardiac Services, including collection and analysis of 12-lead ECGs, Holter recordings and paper ECGs, biostatistical analysis, clinical evaluation and consulting services.

MDS Pharma Services has become a global leader in providing digital solutions for cardiac safety, offering fully digital ECG solutions since 1997. This has given us particular strength in this area and a distinct advantage over our competitors. MDS Pharma Services has extensive experience supporting cardiac safety studies all over the world in all stages of drug development. We provide expert centralized ECG interpretation by certified cardiologists only, and do not employ technicians for this purpose.

Our QT Center of Excellence has been established to ensure that thorough QT studies are conducted under expert supervision in order to ensure a successful outcome. We have strict procedures in place to make sure that the study is designed properly, all variables are carefully controlled and ECG collection and analysis is performed according to the highest standards.

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